Observations of the Pamlico

Real-time weather observations of the Pamlico are available from several weather stations. PamlicoRiver.org considers longer-term analysis of water level, climate and storms. Our own observations are taken with a Davis Vantage Vue weather station and a Solinst Levelogger Gold pressure sensor located on a pier on the Pamlico nearSt. Clair Creek.

While we hope to eventually consider frequency analysis and wind/water dynamics, we are currently only prepared  to report water depth and temperature on a monthly basis. Click on the month to see the report. Since beginning observations on 5 June 2010, the maximum water depth observed was 10.67 feet on August 27, 2011 during the storm surge of Hurricane Irene. The next greatest depth was just over 5.4 feet due to the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nicole on September 30, 2010 and the minimum was below 1 foot in the rebound of the Irene surge. The next lowest was 1.14 feet in the early morning of 27 January 2011. The mean water level for 2011 was 3.07 feet. The water follows a semidurnal tidal cycle with ~6 inch variation.

Luettich, R.A., S.E. Carr, J.V. Reynonlds-Fleming, C.W. Fulcher, and J.E. McNinch, 2002, Semi-diurnal seiching in a shallow, micro-tidal lagoonal estuary, Continental Shelf Research, 22, 1669-1681. claim that the clearly evident semi-diurnal pattern is a standing wave (seiche) in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary System.